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Following Her Gut: Mold Illness

“I had a gut feeling and inkling that there was mold in our house, but my doctors didn’t want to listen; they just wanted to give prescriptions off the bat. It didn’t sit right; I left feeling incomplete.”

A yoga teacher for over a decade, Kaley K. takes pride in her health and enjoys a beautiful, vibrant life staying active with her family and being of service to others through her yoga and mindfulness practice. 

Unfortunately, Kaley had also come to us after experiencing what so many of our patients endure: medical trauma, after thyroid radiation from a Graves disease diagnosis at age 19. 

And though she first reached out for thyroid maintenance, Kaley started noticing odd sensations. 

“About a year ago I started to feel really sick. I was going to see Lauren to check up on my thyroid: then I started to have really bad nerve pain.”

“It hurt to wear clothing; it hurt to sit on a couch. I had really bad migraines and felt ice pick pains all over my body. I felt fatigued, my weight fluctuated, and I became thin. Finally, it got to the point where I couldn’t hold my bladder!” 


The ER dismissed Kaley with a pinched nerve, while a neurologist thought she had MS: a bout of information that felt overwhelming, and disconnected. 

“I had a feeling there was mold in our house but didn’t think it could contribute to my health decline this quickly as I had thought of myself as a healthy, mindful person.” 

By the time Kaley met with Lauren she was tired of feeling listened to but not heard; dismissed, as so many women do. 

“It felt as if these doctors were just trying to check the box — they were not fully engaged nor invested in my well-being. I felt turned away, as if these doctors didn’t want to listen; they just wanted to give me prescriptions right off the bat. 

It didn’t sit right. I left feeling incomplete.” 


Kaley called Lauren immediately and described her symptoms, which Lauren confirmed as classic mold Illness symptoms.  

“I had had a gut feeling and inkling for a while. The fact that she pinpointed it with such confidence and clarity was really inspiring and also left me feeling at ease.”

Lauren ordered “the most comprehensive lab work I’ve ever had” before putting Kaley on a detox protocol: a decision which Kaley describes as in alignment with Lauren’s whole medical model: 

“She looks at the whole picture, and when she does and has a more global vision, then we can create healing from all parts. She’s a good reminder for me that all parts of the body are connected.” 


As a self-professed “Type A” personality when it comes to her health, Kaley has found even more confidence in empowerment with Lauren. After being “steered wrong” in the past with other doctors, Kaley enjoys how working with Lauren has left her feeling more informed, empowered, and passionate about doing her own research.

“When we connect, it’s an empowered co-creation. I share research that I’ve found; Lauren gives her medical expertise, resulting in a beautiful alchemy that happens.”

“Lauren gets to the root cause: looking at what is or isn’t going into my body and what’s present in my environment. She pays attention to where I’m at emotionally, checking in with root cause issues; simple things that can make such a big difference.” 

Today, Kaley is enjoying snuggles with her first baby: a major goal of working with Lauren. 

“Our end goal was to get me pregnant and here I am. She’s been a huge supporter and advocate for me over the past year and a half; I feel very supported and grateful.”


Kaley is the penultimate example that we, as women, are naturally intelligent in our gut. If you’ve felt an inkling regarding a health diagnosis or issue, don’t hesitate to reach out for the empathetic listening and partnership in co-creation you deserve. 

Kaley, we are so thrilled to be a part of your journey as you welcome your first child. Thank you for being a model of what is possible when one takes an active role in their health — starting with the courage to advocate for yourself.