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Nurse Practitioner certified in Functional Medicine in Austin, TX

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3944 Ranch Rd 620 S
bldg 6 Suite 100
Bee Cave, TX 78738


Monday – Friday: 9 am – 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm
Sunday: Open from 10 am – 3pm

(512) 580-5775

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*New Patients

Because of the nature of Lauren’s intentionality and time spent with each patient, there is no guarantee you will meet with Lauren directly.

Alive + Well is equipped with a robust team of Functional Medicine Practitioners, operating under the same philosophy and values, ready to see you and help you heal toward your health goals, today.

Media Inquiries and Speaker Requests

Lauren Colletti, FNP is an IFM-certified practitioner and leading voice for functional medicine with a community-based approach out of Austin, TX.

With 16 years practicing medicine and the last 10 years practicing in functional medicine, Lauren left the traditional medical system to open her own practice where she could help more patients connect the dots and understand their health goals and body to live their most vital, vibrant life.

Through her signature style of empathetic listening, respectful co-creation of each individualized health plan and a community-based approach alongside integrated specialists, Lauren has helped hundreds of women take an active role in their health and achieve health goals such as remission from autoimmune disease, reclaiming their energy, and healthy pregnancies after years of unsuccessfully trying.

Lauren attends regular seminars and conferences to advance her knowledge of the field, and introduce updated treatments through her practice.

She is available to speak on health plan co-creation alongside patients, and taking a community, not individual, approach to treating the body as an interconnected system.

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Frequently Asked Questions with Lauren

Located in the Bee Cave, TX, Alive + Well is Austin area’s first and only integrative health and wellness center. Built around a shared philosophy of when you improve the health of an individual you change the community around them, our multidisciplinary team collaborates to treat both the mind and body through conventional and innovative techniques, seeking long-term solutions to address your unique health and wellness concerns. Find out more about Alive + Well here.
Current patients: your payment structure and schedule will stay the same. New patients: based on our initial assessments, your intake advisor will recommend a plan based on your number of visits.  Alive + Well offers even more modalities to treat your whole health. We can work together to assess which modalities would lend to your healing, or you can go straight to purchase these treatments for yourself.  Read more about optional memberships and passes (for you and your friends!), here.

As the body is interconnected, I have always believed each person’s whole health required multiple modalities of support.

While the work I do with my patients treats root cause health, there are several ancillary treatments which I do not provide, and have referred my patients to.

Now, you’ll have access to even more of these modalities under one roof!

One of my values is collaboration: acknowledging our need for the support of others in serving our greater purpose.

Alive + Well also aligns with our mission, and tangibly provides access to a wellness ecosystem with various modalities of support. Under the Alive + Well umbrella, you will now be able to:

  • Experience new forms of healing you may be unaware of, or haven’t found elsewhere and
  • Integrate complementary therapies to potentially enhance our treatment plan,
  • All within a trusted environment of high-caliber providers with a similar vision and values.

After several conversations with Michael, the founder, and the larger team at Alive + Well, it is my belief that partnering together will provide you with the resources and health team at large to continue elevating your whole health.

Current patients: You can now book your appointment to see me through the Alive + Well patient portal:

Link to A+W Patient Portal

New patients: With the level of time and care I believe is necessary for each patient, I cannot guarantee that I can see new patients. The good news? Our Functional Medicine team at Alive + Well is here and ready to help you take the right steps toward your healing today.

Fill out the Patient Intake form here to get started:

Link to new patient form from A+W

You’ll still have access to me through our telehealth meetings, but would love to start seeing more of you regularly in person.

Should you need to come in person, my new office will be located at Alive + Well in Bee Cave:

3944 Ranch Rd 620 S
bldg 6 Suite 100
Bee Cave, TX 78738

There is ample parking! I can’t wait for you to experience the community, and all that you’ll have access to under one roof.

We are here to listen and walk you through whatever questions or thoughts you may have. Please email us at so we can help you find the resolution you seek.