How Functional Medicine Works

My mission is to guide you toward true wellness—my aim is to make a real difference that you can actually feel in your day-to-day life.

I do this by looking at you as a whole person, rather than focusing on fixing your isolated symptoms. I listen and trust that you are the expert of your own body.

Whether you present with established chronic diseases, or simply don’t feel as well as you ought to, I work to find the root cause of the problem and develop a plan for your long-term wellness.

*Below is an example timeline. Please note that visit times and length between visits varies based on your needs.

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  • New Patient Appointment

    1 hour new patient appointment where I obtain an in depth medical history and symptom review, determine testing and make personalized lifestyle recommendations

  • Blood Work

    You will be sent for blood work at CPL or Quest. Collect samples for specific functional medicine testing (stool, urine, saliva or blood) and send out.

  • blood work Follow-up

    2 weeks later 30 minute follow up to go over basic blood work

  • Functional MEdicine testing follow-up

    4 weeks later have 30-60 minute follow up to review functional medicine testing, go over detailed treatment plan and answer any questions you may have

  • Protocol Adjustment Follow-up

    6-12 weeks later check in on how you are tolerating protocol and make any changes necessary.

  • Per Protocol follow-up

    Regularly have 3-6 month follow ups for maintenance medication or symptoms management and change Wellness Plan as necessary. *Throughout this process you are free to message me through your secure patient portal.

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